Alumni Testimonials

Hi, my name was Vijaya Laxmi Chalasani (Viji) during the years of my education (1992-1995), at (the time) Chaitanya degree college. Congratulations to the founder Dr. Ch.V.Purushotham Reddy sir and team’s vision, efforts and working relentlessly in the making of Chaitanya Degree College to Chaitanya Degree and PG College, and now Chaitanya University. I was a student from Microbiology department, and am proud to say a topper for all the years from the department at the time. I am thankful to all the lecturers and staff that helped me progress in the field. I also want to mention that I stayed at hostel, and for the first time lived away from home. My father, for work had to travel and the hours we could spend had to be coordinated. I am grateful for the management for being flexible, understandable, for giving me permission for the visits and spend time with him during the college hours and off visiting hours. The college also organizes extracurricular activities, excursions and field trips, during which I had a lot of fun memories as an active participant. I had made good friends for life, even after 25 years remembers what it was like and how we were and had fun to the smallest detail at the time. After that, I had done my masters at Manipal University, got married and moved to United States. The education has helped me start my carrier as a research assistant, had 3 publications, which led me into pursue a doctorate in pharmacy. Now I am a Clinical Pharmacist at Centene Corporation in Florida, US where I
had received prestigious Pinnacle Award for 2019 for extra ordinary performance. I want to share one more sweet experience here to say how attentive and personalized the higher ups are at Chaitanya. In 2012 December-2013 January, my husband Suresh and I visited India to be with our family. When we were returning back to US I saw a familiar face, Purushotham Reddy sir, at the airport. In my head I was thinking it has been 18 years, would he remember me out of those thousands of students he has seen over the years? But I decided to go say hi and he surprised me, he remembered by saying you were one of the students in the beginning years and you wrote a poem for the college magazine (yes, I wrote a poem, in the first published Chaitanya magazine). I wish all the success to Chaitanya University in future in the process of consistently being part of every student’s successful story for over the years

Dr.Vijaya Potluri

I am proud to be a graduate of Chaitanya Degree College. My college experience was one of a kind and I will always treasure the memories that I have made there. It also helped me in overall personal development. I thank the faculty and administrators for an unforgettable experience and always working hard to bring the students the best resources and assistance to aid us with our learning. I graduated Chaitanya Degree College with a degree in Biochemistry. The learning outcomes of the degree that I have earned from Chaitanya allowed me to travel the world, including countries such as Spain, USA, Germany, England, Netherlands, UAE etc. I currently reside in Toronto, Canada and work as Filed Service Engineer for a worldwide company Biotage AB a worldwide supplier of Biotech Instruments and consumables. My work includes traveling from Coast to Coast and meeting different people. I am truly grateful for what Chaitanya has done for me, and I truly believe that Chaitanya deserves the recognition as a university.

Sab Hussain

My experience in college has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. There have been, and there will continue to be, many opportunities to learn more ways of improving my craft as a result of my time in Chaithanya Degree College, which I am truly thankful for. Chaithanya Degree College provided us with well-equipped library, internet facility, Laboratory which has been constantly of great support. I still remember the National Seminar (Recent Trends in Microbial Technology) conducted in our College. I feel very grateful that i am the part of that seminar from Microbiology Department. It helps us to know the ongoing trends in Microbiological industry and also helped us to interact with the people from multiple Colleges. The atmosphere in our College is conducive to creative and productive learning. It is a place of civility, friendship, and good cheer. The College really cares about its members. I benefitted a lot from my faculty members who were always cooperative. “Education is the best provision for life’s journey” and i strongly believes that two years of my Master ’s Degree in Chaithanya Degree College teaches me the provision for my life’s journey. I am currently working as Assistant Manager in Tata Consultancy Services on Life Science domain (SAS Platform, Clinical domain) It is very difficult to move Software industry as a life science graduate. I am very thankful that our College gave that stability and skills during my Master’s Degree.
I am happy that our Chaithanya Degree College is going to be deemed university.

M. Krishna